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3 Ways To Get Your Deck Ready For Summer

With summer quickly approaching, you will most likely find yourself spending more time on your back patio or deck. Throughout the fall and winter months, leaves, debris, and dirt can cake your deck in a nasty coat of grime. Today, we are going to look at 3 ways to get your deck ready for entertaining this summer.

3 Ways To Get Your Deck Ready For Summer

Clean Up Your Deck Furniture

The first step in getting your deck ready for summer is to clean up your deck furniture. Remove any furniture from your deck and give it a good cleaning to ensure you and your guests have a clean surface to sit on. This is a great time to get rid of old furniture and add some new chairs as well.

Get Your Grill Ready For Cooking

If you are going to be doing some outdoor grilling, now is the time to inspect your BBQ grill and get it all cleaned up for your first BBQ of the season. Make sure to thoroughly clean any old ash out of the pit and scrub the grates to ensure you get any old, caked-on grease off of the grates.

Have Your Deck Powerwashed

Lastly, to get your deck looking its best, hire a professional power washer to clean all of the dirt and grime off of your deck. Power washing your deck will give your deck surface a deep clean as opposed to a simple rinse that a water hose would deliver. At Centex Soft Wash, a leading power washing service company in Waco, Texas, we offer professional deck washing services to get your deck looking brand new. Locally owned and operated in Waco, Texas, we strive to make our communities a cleaner place. To get a free quote on your power washing service, fill out our online quote form today!


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